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Cameras worth your money

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

If you have a few bucks to spare, but not many more, I think the best deal in all of photography is the Fuji XT-2 or the Fuji XPro-2. Depending on your photographic needs, the XT-2 for landscape and the XPro-2 for any street application, will produce the type of results you would get from a camera costing much more than either Fuji. The Fuji camera provides a traditional interface worthy of your old film camera. Most everything you could care about from an exposure standpoint is controlled via dials and buttons. Very little needs to be done via more complex menu systems. While both cameras are APSC sensors, Fuji’s X-trans sensor produces the best jpeg files of any camera on the market. Even while shooting in RAW, which should be the case most of the time, these files are easily handled by Lightroom or any other post processing tool you may use. You can’t go wrong with Fuji, and in some cases, these cameras perform as well, if not better, than full frame cameras.

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