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My 5 favorite cameras right now

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

I am lucky enough to have cameras and lenses from most of the major manufacturers. My favorite camera changes from week to week. My current carry is usually driven by a new firmware update that offers new functionality, or my belief that a specific camera can serve a specific need, like a very lightweight kit for a particularly grueling hike up a mountainside.

For now, my current list of favorites are as follows:

Leica M10- If I am hitting the streets, the M10 with a 50m lens is the perfect solution. I zone focus and don’t worry about anything beyond composition.

Sony A7RIII-Lightweight mirrorless at its best. A couple lenses: 16-35 and 24-70 and not much more is needed. Plenty of pixels and clean files off the sensor. I wish the Sony had a better menu system but, well, its Sony. Human interface was never a Sony competency.

Hasselblad X1D- Mirrorless medium format. Lightweight with a few lenses and you are good to go for any landscape experience. Not a camera for anything moving fast so choose a mountain or a tree and this camera will produce tremendous detail.

Leica S 007- Not lightweight, but in its time small for a mirrored medium format camera. There is no sensor that I have ever owned that produces such a clean and pure file as the Leica S. Very little post processing for photos that come from this sensor.

Fuji GFX- Another reasonably lightweight mirrorless medium format camera. Fuji lenses, while large, are light enough that hiking a steep trail isn’t really an issue. The ability to control the camera settings from physical buttons and dials is a major plus. While slightly better focusing than than other medium format cameras, still slow, but most of my landscape photography is all manual all the time.

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